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Interpretation of Citizens' Blood Donation Management

Jinzhou Municipal People's Government portal has released the validity period has expired, the list of norms of 120 municipal government documents issued at the time for the June 20, 2001, the text for the Jinzheng regulations [2001] No. 8, "Jinzhou Citizens blood donation management approach "among them.

Recently, the reporter learned from the blood bank in the city center that the new version of the Measures for the Administration of Blood Donation to Jinzhou Citizens (Jinzhenggou [2017] No. 9) has been implemented since November 13, and the new approach will be valid until November 12, 2022 only. Applicable to the city's administrative units and citizens.

According to the blood station staff description:
The new version of "Measures for the Administration of Blood Donation by Citizens in Jinzhou City" has not changed much compared with the methods of blood donation administration that have expired before. First, the administrative names of the health and family planning system were changed. Secondly, when donating blood to citizens and enjoying blood donation, Blood donation mutual aid and other aspects of a more detailed description.

According to the relevant provisions of the new Jinzhou citizens blood donation management approach:
Implement blood donation system according to law. Promote voluntary blood donation among citizens aged 18 to 55. Encourage national staff, active service military, college students, medical personnel took the lead in blood donation. Blood donors usually collect blood at two hundred milliliters each, up to a maximum of four hundred milliliters, and blood collection intervals of no less than six months.

Jinzhou citizens blood donation approach clearly states:
Prohibit fraudulent use, borrowing, renting blood donation documents. No unit or individual may hire others to replace blood donation. Civil clinical blood only when used for blood collection, storage, testing, separation and other costs. Whoever fraudulently uses, borrows, or renders a blood donation certificate from another person shall be warned by the administrative department of public health family planning and administration according to the seriousness of the situation and a fine of one hundred to one thousand yuan shall be imposed on each case.

So blood donors and their spouses and immediate family clinical blood can enjoy what treatment? The law stipulates that blood donors should use blood for five years from the date of blood donation and five years after blood donation equal to the amount of blood. Blood donors who accumulate blood donations of 800 milliliters or more should use blood for free for their lifetime. Blood donors' spouses and immediate family members Relatives, since the date of blood donation after three months, blood donation equal amount of blood.